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What did we learn on Saturday at the Delray Beach Open?

What did we learn on Saturday at the Delray Beach Open?

Today, the Delray Beach Open was action-packed. It was a perfect day of sunshine and tennis. The crowd was all smiles. Florida Tennis was on the scene. So what happened?

This morning, I got a chance to face off against some big-time former pros. Whoa! It was the DBO's "Legends Clinic" and I'd highly recommend this activity to any tennis fan who wants a serious thrill. Getting a chance to hit with the Bryan Brothers, the Jensen Brothers, Sam Querrey, and Tommy Haas was truly epic.

Above: Yep, that's me... the shorty in the middle! Photo: Delray Beach Open / Juarez Santos.  

These cats can play some ball. Sure, I hit a passing shot (or two) but ripping forehands with these icons proves just how good these guys are — it was an honor to share the court with them. This was all part of the DBO's Fantasy Experiences and it's a YOLO event that everyone should experience.

Florida Tennis contributor, Adam Ross, asked Bob Bryan how hosting the Legends Clinic compared to being Captain of the US Davis Cup team. He laughed, "Ummm... a little less pressure and a little less firepower." Agreed. For the firepower, DBO fans watched some brutal ball-striking at the qualifier matches today.

Above: Gabriel Diallo battles it out in the DBO qualifiers. Photo: Andrew Patron /  Delray Beach Open.

Also, in the afternoon, Bob and Mike Bryan faced off against Tommy Haas and Sam Querrey as part of the Champions Tour. Yes... the Bryan Brothers prevailed. But the really cool part of their day wasn't beating up on Querry, Haas, and me (during the Legends Clinic) — it was meeting another set of tennis-playing identical twins at the Love Serving Autism clinic!

Above: The Bryan Brothers meet another set of identical twins at the Love Serving Autism clinic today. Photo: Love Serving Autism.

The Bryan Brothers were everywhere. I caught up with the Jordan and Chris of RIA Eyewear who actually have the Bryans displayed front-and-center in their booth at the DBO. Yep, the Bryans were rocking their RIA sunglasses on-court earlier in the day. And for good reason — it's definitely worth stopping by the RIA Eyewear booth to try on some of their styles during your next trip to the DBO. 

Above: The RIA Eyewear crew at the DBO. Photo: Florida Tennis.

Looking for copies of Florida Tennis at the Delray Beach Open? They're all over but you can pick up our magazine at the the Luxury Real Estate booth of Jim Pappas and Paul Bidva. I asked Jim Pappas, and avid tennis player, how often he gets to play tennis. He said, "Every day." Okay, I'm jealous. Check these guys out as they know everything about the best places to live (and play) tennis in South Florida.

Above: Jim Pappas and Paul Bidva at the DBO. Photo: Florida Tennis.

Before leaving, we were lucky to run into Taylor Fritz, last year's DBO champ. He was looking confident coming into the tournament. Plenty of swagger. Will he take the prize again this year? Perhaps. But there's a few other players inside the Top 20 looking to snatch the DBO trophy this year.

Above: Last year's DBO champ, Taylor Fritz, and Florida Tennis contributor Adam Ross. Photo: Florida Tennis.

Who could be coming for Taylor at DBO 2024? Frances Tiafoe could be a real threat. Another contender could be Tommy Paul — a local resident of Boca Raton. And don't forget the French finesse of Adrian Mannarino, a tough out for anyone in the draw.

Forget Super Bowl Sunday. More qualifiers (the tour's best kept secret) and legends will be hitting the courts tomorrow at the DBO. I'm looking forward to seeing how all the action unfolds this weekend at the Delray Beach Open. More to come on that front soon. 


Written by Florida Tennis' Executive Editor and Publisher Matt Pressman. Top photo: Andrew Patron / Delray Beach Open.

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