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Rick Macci Analysis: Taylor Fritz

Rick Macci Analysis: Taylor Fritz

Legendary coach Rick Macci has been delivering succinct analyses of the games of several leading pros through in depth interviews with Florida Tennis editor Jim Martz. Macci continues in this post with American male player Taylor Fritz.

Back in the day when a lot of these American guys were 12, 13, 14 years old, I'd go to the USTA Player Development here in Boca Raton and I could consult it. Patrick McEnroe (director) wanted me to get involved and help all of the guys and girls. Taylor and Frances and Reilly and Paul, all these guys were that age. And to see Taylor's progression. I'm very impressed with his game.

He's not going to beat himself. He's technically sound off the forehand, he's technically sound off the backhand, his serve is rock solid. You know, his movement, Jim, has improved a lot. At first on the tour it took him awhile to figure out the geometry on the court, and he would overplay,

I'm very impressed because he's not going anywhere. He's a permanent fixture in the top 10. Federer is gone. Nadal, who knows what's going to happen there? And Murray's kind of out the door. I think the Joker is not going anywhere for awhile.

When these American guys now enter a Grand Slam and these guys have won all these titles, now they're saying: Why not me? Maybe I'm not going to have a tough match till the quarters. Before it could have been the 32s or 16s.

I love Taylor's game. No doubt he will grab a couple of Grand Slams.


Interview with Rick Macci by Florida Tennis' Founder and Editor Jim Martz. Photos: Delray Beach Open; Gatorfan252525 (CC BY SA-4.0) This article also appears in the July-August 2023 issue of Florida Tennis Magazine. Be sure to subscribe for expanded coverage, exclusive interviews, and in-depth tennis news. 

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