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Are Volkl rackets the most arm-friendly for tennis players?

Are Volkl rackets the most arm-friendly for tennis players?

In the competitive world of tennis, Volkl stands out as a brand synonymous with quality, innovation, and a commitment to player well-being. In an exclusive interview with Ivan Rojas, the VP of Sales & Promotions for Volkl Tennis, we explore what makes Volkl a unique and preferred choice for players of all levels — from aspiring juniors to seasoned pros.

I caught up with Rojas during the USP College Tennis Showcase at the Emilio Sanchez Academy in Naples, Florida.

Rojas, a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in the tennis industry, is Volkl's Territory Manager for Florida and Latin America. With a rich tennis background that spans from his junior playing days in Colombia to his extensive career in the retail environment, Rojas brings a wealth of knowledge to his role at Volkl.

During an exclusive interivew with Florida Tennis, Rojas described the brand's impressive history. Born out of a ski brand in Germany, Volkl has celebrated 50 years in the tennis industry, earning a reputation for premium quality. Rojas adds, "The brand is very well known for having fantastic technology."

Above: Volkl's Ivan Rojas.

The latest addition to Volkl's tech prowess is its "Red Cell" technology, a groundbreaking innovation that combines the benefits of cell structure with a special substance, enhancing racket flexibility, durability, and forgiveness. Rojas emphasizes, "We perhaps have the softest, easiest rackets for the arm in the tennis industry."

A standout feature of Volkl rackets is their focus on player comfort and injury prevention. Rojas recounts numerous stories of players experiencing relief from arm issues after switching to Volkl rackets. The brand's commitment to arm-friendly design is further highlighted by a unique vibration dampening system that sets Volkl apart from competitors.

Rojas addresses the needs of players with arm problems, stating, "There are many stories where there's people who have shoulder problems and elbow problems. Someone showed up and said, 'I'm a tennis player, and I had an elbow problem and started using Volkl, and it's gone.'"

As the conversation turns to the sensory experience of using Volkl rackets, Rojas acknowledges the brand's unique feel. He attributes this to deliberate design choices, such as adding big grommets or super grommets to the racket's hoop, increasing the sweet spot and creating a softer, gentler feel. Rojas states, "We make it softer; we're making it gentler."

Closing the interview on a regional note, Rojas addresses the competitive tennis scene in Florida. He expresses his belief that Volkl rackets are the right choice for players in the region due to their ability to reduce fatigue and keep players on the court longer.

Rojas provides a compelling look into the world of Volkl Tennis, a brand that not only boasts technological leadership but also prioritizes player well-being. With a commitment to comfort, innovation, and a history that spans five decades, Volkl Tennis continues to shape the future of tennis equipment, ensuring players can focus on their game with confidence and ease.

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Above: A look at Volkl's booth and players who tried out Volkl rackets at the USP College Tennis Showcase at the Emilio Sanchez Academy in Naples, Florida. Photos courtesy of Ivan Rojas. 


Written by Florida Tennis' Executive Editor and Publisher Matt PressmanPhotos courtesy via Ivan Rojas / Facebook. Be sure to check out Volkl at Tennis Plaza.

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