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Video recap and analysis of the 2024 Delray Beach Open

Video recap and analysis of the 2024 Delray Beach Open

What happened at the 2024 Delray Beach Open? Florida Tennis editor and publisher Matt Pressman filmed a comprehensive recap video with contributor Zach Shahan. The two delve into the tournament to uncover key takeaways and fun anecdotes related to the DBO.

Above: Taylor Fritz knows how to level up when it counts. Photo: Brett Miller.

The Delray Beach Open left a trail of exhilarating matches and unexpected twists. The tournament offered a glimpse into the evolving landscape of American tennis, underscored by the impressive performances of Tommy Paul and Taylor Fritz (in the final), immediately following an all-American semifinal series of matchups.

Tommy Paul, a crowd favorite, found himself in the spotlight, after his win at the Dallas Open the week prior to the DBO. But his performance in the final wasn't enough to grab back-to-back ATP tour wins. Fritz's opening ace against Paul in their match set the tone, with Shahan noting, "as soon as [Fritz] that ace, I was like uh no this is either going to be a long day or a very bad day for [Paul]." Fritz got the win in straight sets 6-2, 6-3.

Above: Tommy Paul rips a forehand. Photo: Brett Miller.

Nevertheless, both Paul and Fritz demonstrated why they are considered among the best in American tennis. Paul's confidence coming off the Dallas Open propelled him to a quick win over Tiafoe. But it was Fritz's composure in the final that stood out. "Taylor's groundstrokes seemed to be a little bit more dialed in," I told Zach. "Taylor Fritz knows how to elevate his game when it counts." 

We recapped more about the DBO as well. Check out the full video to hear about the memorable week in Delray Beach including earlier rounds, standout performances, and the crazy first weekend of the tournament for some inside anecdotes and crazy stories.

Check it out below...

Video Recap


Written by Florida Tennis' Executive Editor and Publisher Matt Pressman. Video: Florida Tennis. Photos: Brett Miller.

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