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USP College Tennis Showcase Shines at Emilio Sanchez Academy

USP College Tennis Showcase Shines at Emilio Sanchez Academy

The courts at Emilio Sanchez Academy recently played host to an exciting spectacle in junior tennis a few weeks ago — the USP College Tennis Showcase. As the sun beamed down, players from across the globe gathered for a two-day event that not only showcased their tennis prowess but also provided a unique opportunity to connect with college coaches. 

Thomas Anderson, President of USP, emphasized the growing need for such an event as junior players look to demonstrate their talent in front of college coaches. "Players and families are recognizing the value of showcasing skills beyond rankings. The team environment adds a new dimension to the experience," Thomas remarked. 

Glenn Marshall, coach of the University of Connecticut's women's tennis program, is a believer. According to Marshall, "Thomas and his entire staff have created one of the top college tennis exposure showcases in the country. They have built the respect of [so many] colleges and universities who attend every year to recruit top junior tennis players from around the world."

Young high school hopefuls were grouped into teams to mirror the college tennis format. COO of USP Carlos Onate explains, "The team format was a game-changer for the showcase. It's now the identity of the event—teams competing and gaining the college experience right here," explained Carlos.

Onate explained that the USP showcase continues to garner attention with over 100 college coaches involved with the event. 

Lisa Ryerson, a parent attending with her son Tristan, expressed her admiration for the event. "The team environment is my favorite. It elevates the experience," she said. Lisa shared how the showcase provides a unique opportunity for face-to-face interactions with college coaches.

After the event, Ryerson had campus trips lined up with her son, Tristan, to visit Marquette, St. Joseph's, and Drexel.

Tristan echoed the sentiment of many participants. "Being with the team is the best part. Celebrating, playing together, it's an overall great experience," he shared. 

Lisa Ryerson adds, "It's the best thing for kids, parents, and coaches. It's purely awesome." And, witnessing the smiles on the faces of young players like Tristan as they compete with passion and camaraderie, it's evident that the USP College Tennis Showcase is a vital chapter in the evolving junior tennis journey.

As the sun set on the Emilio Sanchez Academy, leaving behind echoes of cheers, the legacy of the USP College Tennis Showcase leaves an impression. It's a celebration of tennis, a bridge to college opportunities, and a testament to the unwavering spirit of the tennis community.

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Written by Florida Tennis' Executive Editor and Publisher Matt Pressman. Photos provided courtesy of USP.

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