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Understanding the World Tennis Number: Insights from Lauren Rothstein and Zach Frampton

Understanding the World Tennis Number: Insights from Lauren Rothstein and Zach Frampton

In the dynamic world of junior tennis, where rankings and ratings play a crucial role, the emergence of the ITF World Tennis Number (WTN) has ignited interest and curiosity.

Florida Tennis recently had the opportunity to sit down with the USTA to learn more about the WTN. We spoke with Lauren Rothstein, Manager of Community Tennis Digital Services, and Zach Frampton, Regional Sales Manager of Digital Products and Services, for an exclusive interview. Rothstein and Frampton are here at the PTR International Racquets Conference this week.

Above: USTA's Lauren Rothstein and Zach Frampton. Photo courtesy of Lauren Rothstein.

As the discussion unfolded, it became evident that the WTN is not just a number to rate a tennis player's ability — it's a game-changer in the tennis landscape. 

Lauren Rothstein, a seasoned professional with seven years of experience at the USTA, shared insights into the genesis of WTN. She clarified, "WTN is not a USTA product but a global initiative led by the International Tennis Federation (ITF). It's a universal rating system, backed by over 140 countries."

A key highlight from the interview was the significance of the WTN in the college tennis recruiting process. Lauren emphasized, "College coaches, from JUCO to Division I, increasingly rely on WTN." She highlighted the Intercollegiate Tennis Association's adoption of WTN as its exclusive rating system, stating, "It's a game-changer for junior players aspiring to play collegiate tennis."

Above: Explore your WTN. Photo: USTA.

Explaining the practicality of WTN, Lauren added, "Players can now create profiles showcasing their WTN. This newfound transparency enables both players and college coaches to navigate the recruiting process with greater clarity."

The WTN helps junior players accurately understand their level. Lauren emphasized, "The importance of level-based play and encouraged players to participate in tournaments where they belong rather than chasing higher-level events." She urged players to embrace the process and play matches consistently, emphasizing, "WTN is not just about the number but about the journey."

Zach chimed in, highlighting the motivational aspect of having a WTN. He shared, "WTN provides players with a tangible goal and a roadmap for improvement. The rating becomes a powerful tool for players to assess their progress and set realistic targets for their tennis journey."

The WTN is not just a rating, it's shaping up to be a major change in the tennis world. With its global reach, precision accuracy, and impact on college tennis recruiting, the WTN is reshaping how players approach their tennis journey.



Written by Florida Tennis' Executive Editor and Publisher Matt Pressman. For more information (and a deeper dive) into how the WTN works, visit the ITF's World Tennis Number website and the USTA's WTN page to learn more. Top Photo: Isabella Mendes via Pexels. Middle Photo: USTA. Video: USTA

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