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Can Cryotherapy speed recovery after a tough tennis match?

Can Cryotherapy speed recovery after a tough tennis match?

Oftentimes, tennis players have a difficult time recovering after a grueling match. Sure, popping pills and applying ointments can help. But that’s just the basics. What do the most elite pros use to recover faster?

Taylor Fritz, Tommy Paul, and Reilly Opelka have all been seen at a Florida-based cryotherapy facility, BocaCryo, in Boca Raton to soothe post-match soreness. On the women’s side, Jessica Pegula, Leylah Fernandez, Ons Jabeur, and tennis legend Martina Navratilova have also taken advantage of BocaCryo to experience the many benefits of cryotherapy.

Above: BocaCryo owner Natasha Pyka (left) was a former college tennis player; she's seen here with tennis superstar and world no. 2 Ons Jabeur (right)

BocaCryo was started by Natasha and Ian Pyka. A two-sport collegiate athlete (football and track & field) and three time All-American, Ian was able to make the Olympic team and become the go-to strength and conditioning coach at a number of pro teams including the New England Patriots and Florida Panthers.

According to Pyka, “I’ve personally seen remarkable results with today’s top athletes. Many have found cryotherapy to be an antidote to pain caused by inflammation.”

Above: Tennis pro Reilly Opelka at BocaCryo

In addition to running BocaCryo, Pyka also teaches college kids about athletic performance, rehab, and recovery in the Exercise Science Department at Florida Atlantic University. 

“Whether you’re a top pro dealing with injury or a weekend warrior struggling with soreness, cryotherapy can help the body return back to its normal, balanced state of homeostasis,” explains Pyka.

Above: Athletes endure three minutes of sub-zero temperatures (-160F) in order to speed recovery and alleviate pain

“The response of the body’s thermoreceptors, experiencing a sudden decreasing surface temperature, signals the brain to release an endorphin named nor-epinephrine, a natural opiate we all possess. This is a fail-safe mechanism which we all have as part of our sympathetic nervous system,” notes Pyka.

So if you’re suffering after your next on-court battle, BocaCryo believes a trip to its facility might give you an edge over competitors. According to Pyka, it’s simple — just three minutes in a cryotherapy chamber can help fast-track pain relief and get you feeling good again when you return to tennis. 



Written by Florida Tennis' Executive Editor and Publisher Matt Pressman. Source: BocaCryo; Photos: BocaCryo; BocaCryo is located at 1200 Yamato Road, Suite B-3, Boca Raton, FL 33431 (Phone: 561-717-4402). This article also appears in the July-August 2023 issue of Florida Tennis Magazine. Be sure to subscribe for expanded coverage, exclusive interviews, and in-depth tennis news. 

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