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Ben Shelton Deep Dive — Stats, History, Strengths, Weaknesses

Ben Shelton Deep Dive — Stats, History, Strengths, Weaknesses

In the latest video from Florida Tennis, editor Matt Pressman and contributor Zach Shahan discuss Ben Shelton in depth — diving into various strengths, skills, weaknesses, stats, and history. The video also includes a bit from Matt's conversation with Bryan Shelton, Ben's dad and coach, from last year's US Open.

Ben Shelton, the young star hailing from the University of Florida, has rapidly ascended the ranks of professional tennis, showcasing a blend of power, creativity, and an artistry that has both intrigued and puzzled tennis aficionados worldwide. 

Shelton's gameplay is marked by a willingness to take risks and an aggressive approach that sees him dictating points. At times he looks untamed — a bit wild. Clearly, his talent is enormous. But he still appears a bit unconventional in his shot selection and overall point construction.

Why is Ben Shelton such a captivating player? Here are some of the topics covered in the video:

  • Serve
  • Return
  • Forehand
  • Backhand
  • Movement
  • Patterns
  • Mentality

How can we properly dissect the compelling game of Ben Shelton? Take a look at the video to learn more...



Written by Florida Tennis' Editor and Publisher Matt Pressman. Photos (used with permission): © On.

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