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Kevin Connaughton

Above: Florida Tennis Creative Director Kevin Connaughton

Kevin Connaughton grew up in a tennis family. In his childhood, he spent time on the tennis court but later gravitated to skateboarding and graffiti art. A self-taught artist, Kevin’s work includes brand marketing for Vans, North Face, Universal and other well known companies. He’s also worked extensively with Swiss Gear and Tesla accessories company EVANNEX. He also developed a bag and accessories company for urban cyclists called Wheelmen & Co.

According to Kevin, “I can remember as a kid playing tennis in Connecticut with my parents and how they really enjoyed the spirit of the game. At the time, I was hooked on skateboarding and its lifestyle and now can see similarities between the two. One of my favorite things about skateboarding and tennis players is how committed they are with learning and honing their skills. Practicing everyday to be perfect. You’re driven to be the best. The dedication and love for accomplishing something for no one but yourself is how I saw the two similar. The lifestyles may be different but at the core they are the same. I adapt that notion and love into my work as an artist and designer.”

Connaughton specializes in a diverse array of artistic endeavors including graphic design, illustration, chalk art, sign painting, and photography.

You can check his portfolio site out at

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