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Florida Tennis: 2024 Print Rate Card

Print Advertising Rates

Note: Rates are on a per issue basis. There are five (5) issues* in 2024. Ad space can be used for an ad, a "sponsored" article, advertortial, or branded content from advertiser.

Full Page Ad: $1,500

Half Page Ad: $900

Quarter Page Ad: $500

Special Positioning

Front Cover Sponsor: $2,500

Back Cover Ad: $2,000

2-Page Spread: $3,000 (within first 8 pages)

*Note: The July/August issue will be fully dedicated to a single advertiser and will not be open to any other advertisers.

Frequency Discounts

Advertisers that book upfront advertising for a three (3) issues in 2024 receive a 5% discount. Advertisers that book upfront advertising for five (5) issues in 2024 receive a 10% discount.

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