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Rick Macci Analysis: Frances Tiafoe

Rick Macci Analysis: Frances Tiafoe

Legendary coach Rick Macci has been delivering succinct analyses of the games of several leading pros through in depth interviews with Florida Tennis editor Jim Martz. Macci continues in this post with American male player Frances Tiafoe.

First off, I love Foe.

Fee, Fei, Foe, he's my Bro.

He comes here to the park (South County Regional Park in Boca Raton) now and then. I spent some time with him when I went to the red carpet for the movie King Richard. Just a great human being. Now on top of that everybody's getting to see what a great athlete this guy is.

He's a performer, you know. And when you're a performer you handle pressure better. And I'm glad that now people are getting to see this.

He's always had that little shake on the forehand. It has not really hurt him. That can create more racquet speed, so that's OK. His backhand is rock solid.

I'd like to see more knee bend and shoulder turn on the serve. I think his serve can be even better. But he's an artist. He loves the drop shot, he can volley, has foot speed. He's one of the best athletes in the world that holds a tennis racquet.

A top 10 permanent fixture. He's definitely going to grab a few Grand Slams along with Tommy Paul, along with Fritz he's one of the next great Americans. And if he can just really understand his game every single time, he's going to be in that top 10 a long, long time.

I love Frances Tiafoe.


Interview with Rick Macci by Florida Tennis' Founder and Editor Jim Martz. Photos: @ArtSeitzThis article also appears in the July-August 2023 issue of Florida Tennis Magazine. Be sure to subscribe for expanded coverage, exclusive interviews, and in-depth tennis news. 

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