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RacquetX: Back to the Future of Racquet Sports

RacquetX: Back to the Future of Racquet Sports

Where can you go back in time in Marty McFly’s time traveling DMV DeLorean from “Back to the Future” and immerse yourself in all racquet sports?

How about play on an indoor tennis court, pickleball courts, and padel courts?

Where can you watch professional pickleball and network with all current (or future) friends and colleagues in the racquet sports industry?

How about doing all of this at once?

There is only once place — right now aRacquetX in the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Above: A look at the scene at RacquetX. Source: RacquetX.

Yesterday, RacquetX co-founder, Robyn Duda, kicked off the 3-day festival of thought, connection, and experiential learning, by paying tribute to the all-racquet-sports crowd with an emphasis that “a rising tide lifts all boats” ethos that she promised would underpin this event.

RacquetX CEO and Co-Founder, Robyn Duda noted, “When I started talking to the industry it seemed like it [a racquet sports festival] was a niche to be filled. It was fragmented and there’s a real beauty in connection and learning from each other – and learning from the outside world together. The premise that we are trying to focus on is — it’s not about me and how great I am and what my sport does. It’s about what I could learn [in order] to continue to grow the entire industry together…because there’s space for everyone.”

The racquet sports festival takes place from March 24th-March 26th. It covers all racquet sports, including, but not limited to: tennis, pickleball, padel, squash, pop tennis, racquetball, badminton, and table tennis.

Don't miss this — today is the last day to check out RacquetX. So be sure to register now at

Photo Gallery

Photos (from top to bottom): Adam Ross of Florida Tennis preparing for time travel. Margot Carter, part of the USTA Florida and Director of Tennis at the Riverside Racquet Complex on the indoor tennis court. USTA in the house! From left to right: Zachary Frampton: Bridgett Ebanks and Robert Gorden. From left to right: Co-founder and CEO of RacquetX, Robyn Duda with Lars Graff, former Chair Umpire and current China Open Tournament Director and Vickie Gunnarsson, the Director of Tennis at IMG. The USPTA was well represented by Ramona Husaru, the Director of Education and Certification and CEO, Brian Dillman. Matt Pressman of Florida Tennis hitting in the indoor courts at RacquetX with an amazing doubles partner!


Adam Ross is a contributing writer for Florida Tennis. He is a volunteer for the USTA Florida and the Vice-President of the Tennis Collectors of America/TCA. He welcomes your questions and comments at Photos: Adam Ross / Florida Tennis.

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