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Paula Blatcher Assists Mental Game of Tennis and Life

Paula Blatcher Assists Mental Game of Tennis and Life

We all know that you can become a better tennis player by putting in the hours on the court. But can you improve your game by investing your time wisely off the court? The answer is emphatically: yes. 

Paula Blatcher, an avid tennis player, holistic life coach and practitioner of Rapid Transformational Therapy, has developed a program to assist in the mental game of tennis, and life for that matter, to make tennis and life a more fun and joyful experience.

My journey with Paula began when I met her on the court and she told me about her program. I enjoyed speaking with her off the court and telling her my goals. Then I completed a comprehensive questionnaire.

About Paula

Above: Paula Blatcher (Photo: Renew with Paula)

Next, I recorded my voice for Paula to analyze. She created a strategy for me which included a meditation/hypnosis recording, which I listen to as I drift off to sleep. This program has improved my life on and off the court.

We all know that tennis is great for our physical and mental health. This program helps me to get the best of both worlds and to enjoy tennis and life even more!

Paula emphasized that there are certain things that hold everyone back, such as fear of failure, and that one can learn more from failure than success. She noted that there is no great success without failure.

It is the journey and the process that is the key to our own success, whether that be in tennis or in life. For each person, the definition of success is different. My personal journey may be different than yours, but I would say that we could all learn from Paula’s program. I take tennis lessons from my tennis coach, and now I take life lessons from Paula. I wholeheartedly recommend both!

For more information on Paula’s program, email: or visit, or call 954-203-8992.


Adam Ross is a contributing writer for Florida Tennis. This article also appears in the November/December 2023 issue of Florida Tennis Magazine. Be sure to subscribe for expanded coverage, exclusive interviews, and in-depth tennis news. Photo: Sicong Li / Unsplash 

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