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Inside the championship mindset of Jannik Sinner

Inside the championship mindset of Jannik Sinner

I recently visited Rick Macci Tennis Academy in Boca Raton to see a future star. That youngster mentioned one player that really inspires her — Jannik Sinner. In turn, Macci told me the "Italian Stallion" has a good shot at winning plenty more majors.

But can Sinner do in Paris what he did in Miami and Melbourne? Only time will tell. In a recent interview with the Financial Times (FT), Sinner revealed a bit more about the championship mindset that's led him to Grand Slam contention. After winning the Australian, all eyes are on Sinner at Roland-Garros.

Above: Jannik Sinner on the cover of the Financial Times' HTSI. Source: Financial Times.

“Being calm is, for me as a player, really important, because you can see things a little bit better and a little bit faster,” Sinner told FT. “If you get frustrated, it’s like when you drive a car fast and you don’t see well what’s outside.”

Sinner's calm demeanor comes from his parents. He adds, "Obviously results matter, but what really matters is trying to work hard, waking up and going to work and doing it with a smile. My parents always came home and smiled. So that’s what they gave me: a really positive mindset with a really good work ethic.” 

“I think the sky’s the limit,” Boris Becker has said of Sinner’s potential. “He and Carlos Alcaraz look like they’re better than the rest for various reasons. Who’s going to win five majors? Who knows – so many things can happen on the way to heaven. But I don’t see any reason for Jannik to stop winning.”

Sinner famously won an Italian giant slalom championship at the age of eight. “I was really good at skiing, not that good at tennis,” he confesses. Nevertheless, he decided to pivot to tennis. "I chose to play tennis because, for me, it’s a healthy competition,” explains Sinner. “You don’t have contact with your opponent, but you can still hurt him.” 

After winning the Australian Open, can Sinner lift another Grand Slam trophy in Paris? “For sure there is now more motivation. I’m in a different position than I was one year ago, because in my mind I know that I can do certain things. I always believed, but it is different when you know that you can do it.” He smiles and adds,  “It’s exciting.” 


Source: Financial Times. Top Photo:  Corinne Dubreuil / ATP Tour.

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