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Honoring a Veteran in the world of tennis: Stan Smith

Honoring a Veteran in the world of tennis: Stan Smith

Tennis legend Stan Smith is known around the world for his memorable career as a former world No. 1. He's also known for the popular Adidas sneakers that bear his name. But you might not realize: this Veterans Day is an ideal time to honor Smith. 

It turns out that Florida Tennis contributor, Todd Pechter, ran into Smith at the US Open. Pechter noted, "You might not recognize the man, but you probably recognize the shoe: That is Stan Smith, he of the Adidas Stan Smith iconic tennis sneaker, engaging some fans in the outer ring of Ashe Stadium.  Most consumers tend to go for the sneaker in classic white, but it appears that Stan has gone green.  Oh, he also won the US Open back in 1971, along with a Wimbledon title in 1972." 

Photo: Todd Pechter

But it's not just Smith's prolific tennis and fashion contributions that make him a person of distinction. According to the International Tennis Hall of Fame, "Hall of Famer Stan Smith has led an illustrious life in and out of tennis. In this episode of TennisWorthy presented by Infosys [see video below], he details a lesser-known story from his past: his military service.

Video:  International Tennis Hall of Fame

In 1970, at a pivotal moment in his life, Stan Smith received a notice to serve his country as he was drafted into the US Army. Little did he know this experience would shape not only his future on the tennis court, but also his lifelong dedication to making a difference in the lives of others."

As we honor our Veterans this year, it's worth stopping for a moment to give a nod to a true tennis legend: Stan Smith. 


Source/Top Photo: International Tennis Hall of Fame. Photo (in article): Todd Pechter.

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