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In China, Emma Raducanu drives fast and trains hard for her comeback

In China, Emma Raducanu drives fast and trains hard for her comeback

With the US Open wrapping up last week, it's hard to forget Emma Raducanu's amazing run in 2021. However, she's been sidelined with injuries and working on her comeback in China. In an exclusive interview, Porsche sat down with Raducanu to discuss her road back to the WTA tour. 

Raducanu is currently in Shenyang, a metropolis in northeast China. During her visit to is her mother's homeland, the 20-year-old Brit spent time with family, played some Mahjong, and discussed her experience as a Porsche Brand Ambassador.

Source:  Porsche.

Emma, ​​this is your first visit to China in four years. What's it like to be back?

“I love being in China. Since my early childhood, I have spent three weeks in Shenyang every summer. I feel very comfortable here.”

What brings you to Shenyang?

“Shenyang is my mother’s hometown. I visit my family, most of whom live here, and immerse myself in the culture of this city. We are particularly proud of the food here. It's one of the best. I grew up with it and love it.”

Have you tried Mahjong?

“I only recently learned this game. It's fun when I sit at the kitchen table with my grandmother or aunt in Shenyang and we play mahjong together as a family."

Source:  Porsche.

You are a Grand Slam champion. Why would you recommend other girls and women play tennis?

“Tennis is a great sport. It is good for hand-eye coordination. It's better for fitness than most other sports because of the constant changes in direction. Tennis also promotes social skills, character and discipline.”

Let's talk about motorsports. Have you ever driven a Porsche on the race track?

“Yes (big smile). I was able to drive a Porsche 911 GT3 at Brands Hatch, the race track very close to where I live. That was a lot of fun. It was also a great experience when I drove around Silverstone with Mark Webber in a Porsche 911 Carrera S. To see how he controls the car as a professional is very impressive.”

What do you think about the Porsche Taycan that you are driving here?

“The Taycan is very nice to drive. The acceleration is incredible and it brakes very well. It also has a large interior space and is very environmentally friendly, which is good for the climate.”

Source:  Porsche.

How do you relax on a day off?

“On a day off, I like to practice playing the piano. I've just started learning it and still have a long way to go. But I love it when I master new melodies. I've also discovered Mahjong and enjoy playing it with anyone I can persuade. And I love driving!”


Source/Photos courtesy of Porsche.


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