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Delray Beach-based Coco Gauff is looking good at the Australian Open

Delray Beach-based Coco Gauff is looking good at the Australian Open

After winning the US Open last fall, Florida tennis fans have high hopes for Coco Gauff. The Delray beach-based player is looking to go deep this year at the Australian Open. And she's already off to a good start.

The fourth seed toppled Anna Karolina Schmiedlova 6-3 6-0 in the first-round.  “I just told myself ‘I feel good, I look good, so just have fun’,” Coco said with a smile. “That’s why I play tennis, to have fun, so I remind myself.”

Part of that good look can be chalked up to Coco's latest colorway from her New Balance CG1 line launched last year, the CG1 “Primary Power.” It turns out that the CG1 “Primary Power” colorway aims to capture the energy of the Australian Open.

So how did New Balance come up with Coco's good-looking Australian Open design aesthetic? By incorporating primary shades through the lens of Coco’s personal style with a modern yet nostalgic tone and versatility.

Coco is a fan of the classic New Balance heritage style — this unique colorway uses sea salt to add a fresh appeal to the core heritage look. Coco and her family have been very involved with New Balance design teams to bring new innovations to the CG1.  

“The entire team at New Balance from design, to marketing, truly cares about me as a person and not just an athlete and that relationship allowed us to create the Coco CG1,” says Coco.

Coco explains, “I signed with New Balance at such a young age and I am so excited to know that I will continue to work with them for a long time into the future! The Coco CG1 is a vintage looking shoe with a modern twist, and I am so excited to get this in stores and see how people style it!” 

“We’re thrilled to introduce Coco’s signature shoe and are so passionate about what it represents for her and her fans around the world,” says Evan Zeder, New Balance Head of Tennis Sports Marketing. “Coco has always been focused on her play, but also being true to herself and her drive for success goes far beyond the tennis court.” 


Source/Photos: New Balance. Video: Australian Open TV

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