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Autograph Corner: Richard Evans

Autograph Corner: Richard Evans

It is only fitting that the title of tennis journalist and historian Richard Evans’s most recent book published in 2021 is “The History of Tennis” because Evans has seen it all. 

Above: Richard Evans will be inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 2024. Image: International Tennis Hall of Fame

The genius of Evans’s writing over his sixty plus years covering the sport is that his prose puts us in the seat next to him at these events. And for the late founder and publisher of Florida Tennis, Jim Martz, that was often the case in stadiums and press rooms throughout the tennis world where they watched great matches, shared good times and enjoyed a great friendship.

Evans has covered tennis as both a writer and a broadcaster. He is part of the 2024 Hall of Fame class and will be enshrined in the illustrious Contributor category joining other legendary tennis journalists such as 1984 inductee, Bud Collins and 2017 inductee, Steve Flink. Evans has covered over 200 Major tournaments beginning with Wimbledon in 1960 and Roland Garros in 1961.

Left: Richard Evans’s most recent book The History of Tennis. Top Right: Prior to the passing of founder and publisher of Florida Tennis, Jim Martz, his friend and colleague, Richard Evans inscribed his book to Jim as follows: “Good luck with the next issue of the magazine…and the next…and the next!” Bottom Right (Autographed Title Page, from upper to lower): Murphy Jensen; Taylor Fritz; Tommy Haas; Sam Querrey; Mike Bryan; Bob Bryan and Luke Jensen. 

Other books include 2017’s The Roving Eye which focuses on his expansive career. In addition to writing and broadcasting tennis, he worked for ATP’s European office and with grassroots tennis initiatives.

Evans was also a founding member of the ITWA, the International Tennis Writers Association, and its president from 2001-2004. You can find him watching and writing about tennis all over the world. Earlier this year, he was also honored in an on-court ceremony at the 2024 Delray Beach Open.

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Adam Ross is a contributing writer for Florida Tennis. He is a volunteer for the USTA Florida and the Vice-President of the Tennis Collectors of America/TCA. He welcomes your questions and comments at Top Photo of Richard Evans at 2024 Delray Beach Open courtesy of Andrew Patron / Delray Beach Open.   

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